Burnouts, Beerguts N' Greasy Combs - It's a Psychobilly Festival
Press Release from November 1998

Danglin' Orphan Productions presents : 

Burnouts, Beerguts N' Greasy Combs - It's a Psychobilly Festival -

Nov 7th Transmission Theater doors: 8:00 PM
Nov 8th Transmission & Paradise doors: 6:30 PM

Paradise Lounge and Transmission Theatre
308 Eleventh Street, SF, CA 94103

An international array of Psychobilly luminaries (The Phantom Rockers, Pearl Harbour, and the Godless Wicked Creeps to name a few) drinkin', smokin', reveling in red-neckdom, and playin' some of the best Psychobilly ever assembled in America! 


Pearl Harbour (Los Angeles)  on 11/8 
Phantom Rockers (Germany)  on 11/8 
Godless Wicked Creeps (Denmark)  on 11/7 
Barnyard Ballers (San Diego)  on 11/8 
Hayride to Hell (San Jose)  on 11/8 
Hellbillys (Berkeley)  on 11/7 
Mutilators (San Francisco)  on 11/8 
Blazing Haley (Santa Barbara) on  11/8 
Blue Flames (Dallas)  on 11/7 
The Unlucky Boys (Utah)  on 11/8 
Verdicts (San Diego)  on 11/8 
Curse of the Pink Hearse (Arizona)  on 11/8 
celebrating the Hairball 8 Records CD Release "Hotter Than Hell" 
A Psychobilly Compilation Featuring 27 Tracks of Full Blooded Psychobilly. 

Danglin' Orphan Productions has brought together some of the scariest, hell raisin', amazing bands from the U.S. and abroad.  The Transmission and Paradise will be transformed into a demented parade of upright bass spinnin', guitar twangin' demons equipped with wicked drinks and plenty of frightening psychobilly paraphernalia to make you feel at home.  Check out booths by Incredibly Strange Wrestling, Destroy All Music Records, tattoo artists and much more. 

Artists Bios: 

PEARL HARBOUR (Pearl Harbour:  vocals, percussion; East Bay Ray:  lead guitar; Stinky Le Pew:  rhythm guitar; Lee Vilensky:  bass; Mike Hunter: drums) Pearl Harbour -- intergalactic heroine and tongue-in-chic rockabilly queen headlines the Psychobilly Festival.  A guitar-driven, rockabilly fueled, 60s schooled, head banging extravaganza.  PEARL HARBOUR is what rock 'n' roll is about -- fast cars, loud guitars, big hair and attitude to spare, but with an eye on fun and both feet n the dance floor.  This four boy, one Pearl band spins in orbit around a three-chord sun that burns brightest with tunes about cars, sex or cars as a metaphor for sex. Dan Aquliante, New York Post. In addition to several records with Pearl Harbour & the Explosions, Pearl used to frolic with the likes of The Tubes and Big Audio Dynamite. 

THE PHANTOM ROCKERS (Mark Burke:  Vocals and bass; Hartmut Henning: Guitar; Guido Roderburg:  Drums)  In 1988, Mark Burke ex-Krewman bass player founded The Phantom Rockers.  Extensive worldwide touring has raised The Phantom Rockers' status to one of the top Psychobilly bands in the world.  After touring the U.S. and Europe and being featured in some of Europe¹s most high profile Psychobilly Festivals, the Rockers return to San Francisco to co-headline this November's Festival. 

GODLESS WICKED CREEPS (Lars Jeppesen:  Lead Vocals; Nikolaj Grummesgaard:  Guitar and Backing Vocals; Kim Jeppesen:  Double Bass and Backing Vocals; Martin Budde:  Drums and Backing Vocals). GWC began their career in late 1993 and were immediately signed to the German indie label Crazy Love Records.  In 1994, they released Victim of Science and toured Europe Extensively.  In 1994, they release their 2ND album, Hellcoholic.  By 1996 they had toured Europe again, playing to audiences numbering upwards of 1500-2000 fans in various European Festivals.  In 1997 they released Hystereo and plan to have their first U.S. release in 1999 on Hairball 8 Records. 

BARNYARD BALLERS  (Rich Stahlhut:  Lead Vocals; Rob Kwait:  Guitar and Bass; Rick Stojak: drums)  Southern California's sickest, most backward ass hicks ever to play music.  The BALLERS are four inbred thick-necks out of San Diego who play the kind of psychobilly you wouldn't want your mother to hear.  "Holy hillbilly, these thick necks rock.  Two stepping, tongue twisting, red neck loving bastards from San Diego."  Maximum Rock n' Roll 

HAYRIDE TO HELL (Craig Hart:  Howlin' Throat and Slappin' Bass; John Long:  Screachin' Gitarin'; Mark "Bill" Canepa:  Twangin' Gitarin'; Joey Myers:  Poundin' Skins) The boys are all dedicated musicians and have faithfully studied under the guidance of Jack Daniel's.  With a shot 1950's camp-horror movie nostalgia, this hard rockin' /drinkin' /fightin' psychobilly music will get every member of the audience up and moshing. 

HELLBILLYS (Barrie Evans:  vocals; Dan Watson:  Guitar, Vocals; Rock'n Rick:  Slap Bass; and Greg Langston:  Drum, Vocals.)  Mixing rock-a-billy, surf, punk and metal, the Hellbillys have left the smell of burning tires on the dragstrip from Japan to Mexico to L.A. to England. This is a "gang of punks so scary they have to shoot blinding smoke at the audience as they take the stage to prevent massive stampeding. Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Well, the Hellbillys are even cooler than they are!"  BAM Magazine 

BLAZING HALEY (David Krueger: Stand Up Bass;  Matt Armor:  vocals;  Brian Lakey:  Guitar; Chris Story:  drums) An American-engineered musical lethal weapon Mark Fahey.  Fueling rockabilly licks with punk energy and good-natured showmanship, they give their fans a contact high unrivaled anywhere Dennis Tivey. 

THE UNLUCKY BOYS (Sweatin Willy:  guitar and vocals; Derwood:  bass and vocals; Uncle Todd:  lap steel, mandolin, and guitar; Justin Hill: drums)  The Unlucky boys have created their own amphetamined version of rockabilly, country and blue grass. 

THE VERDICTS The Verdicts demonstrate the ability to make the electric guitar and upright bass behave like hell-children out for their first night on the town. Hard drinking, cocky bastards who want to share their good time.  Their song "Cool Not Red" is featured on Hairball 8 Records' Compilation Hotter than Hell.

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