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California based Hayride To Hell are credited with being one of the first Psychobilly bands to establish itself on the west coast.
Formed in 1994, Hayride To Hell tour regularly and have performed at Psychobilly festivals in California, Colorado, New York and in the UK.
The band released their debut self-titled album in 1997 and have appeared on numerous compilations since.
Now Hayride To Hell are back with a new full length stomper. 13 songs of rockabilly punk madness with over the top horror motifs to spare.
Noticeably more talented in their instrumentation and songwriting than your average Psychobilly band, it's apparent that Hayride To Hell have been around the block a few times.
This second Hayride album is full of high-charged guitar riffs paired with thundering upright bass and drums that serve as a perfect backdrop to stories of death, demons and overall destruction. Not for the timid.

---Raucous Records Review



There's nothing like the hard-rockin', drinkin', fightin' psychobilly music of Hayride to Hell to facilitate a dance, or a rumble, for that matter. Just ask any of Hayride's classic-car drivin', pompadour-sportin', hard-drinkin' fans, and stay the hell out of their small but treacherous pit. Psychobilly sensations the Phantom Rockers also appear. (AR)
---The Metro Silicon Valley Nov 5-11, 1998

The San Jose-Santa Cruz foursome's self-titled debut CD (Nervous Records) delivers swinging roots-rock with punk and psychobilly twists. With tongue firmly in cheek, the band pays homage to Jack Daniels and 1950s camp horror-movie nostalgia with songs such as "Werewolves on Wheels" and "Rockin' Coffin Bar." 
---San Jose Mercury News Nov 6, 1998

Hayride to Hell
s/t Nervous Records
This 4-piece American band have really impressed me for what it's worth. They've gone the route of heavy crunching guitars and blood'n'guts lyrics, but have pitched the tempo of their songs at such a speed that you can still hear and appreciate the lyrics yet not so slow that they don't kick ass. Lovers of prominent slappin' bass will dig this album and as for the songs... I liked 'em all! If I had to pick a favorite I'd say "Serial Killer" with the excellent line "Jeffrey Dahmer cooked them in their own juice"! They've also done a good version of "The Munsters Theme" which is less faithful to the actual original theme than other versions I've heard - (such as the early 80's version by The Escalators), but instead has the bands own character stamped on it. 
---Deathrow Database # 28 1998

Hayride to Hell
demo tape
Very strong 6 track demo tape from this US psycho/rockabilly combo. (Tracks are: Graveyard Stomp, Serial Killer, Rockin' Coffin Bar, Fartbreaker, The Evil Within Me, Fightin' With Jack.) These guys know how to play their instruments and I'm very sure that it's thanks to this tape that they got the record deal. Their full length CD is available through Raucous Records and even though I haven't heard it I would advise you all to try and get your hands on it! Great rock'n'roll. 
---Shakin' Fever # 1 May 1998

Hayride to Hell - Saturday at Palookaville:
    Lately I've rediscovered the Cramps' classic debut EP Gravest Hits, arguably their best chunk of recording ever next to Songs the Lord Taught Us. Songs has better tunes, but there's something about the overall tone of that first EP that still sets the standard for psychobilly. It's not just dark, it's dank -- creepy and cavernous like the basement it sounds like it was recorded in. And it proved that psychobilly could be about more than just speeding up rockabilly (the style perfected by Rev. Horton Heat). It could add a whole other dimension to the music, one that belonged as much to the visceral thrill of horror films as it did to the visceral thrill of punk music.
    There's a fine crop of psycho-minded bands out there right now, but few have taken the Cramps' original sinister vision and run with it the way Hayride to Hell has. The hell-comes-to-your-farmhouse sound of the San Jose quartet balances an ominous ambiance with amped-up bass slapping and guitar riffing. And what puts them over the top, figuratively and literally, is an ingenious dose of heavy-metal excess in the lyrics and attitude. If rock'n'roll just isn't scary enough for you anymore, check these guys out at Palookaville Saturday at 9pm. (SP) 
---Good Times Santa Cruz Dec. 24, 1997


Even Cowpunks Get The Blues:
    The psychobilly punksters in Hayride to Hell will smoke a little, drink a little, and, oh yeah, play loud music when they pull into Palookaville on Saturday night. There's sure to be a good deal of beer-swillin', greased-back-hair-wearin', tattooed gents milling about Palookaville at a drunkabilly - uh, psychobilly - show like this. Hayride to Hell headlines this high-intensity, testosterone-infused night with wicked guitar licks and driving beats that will turn the most goody of goody-two-shoes into raging love machines. Riff Raff opens the show with its own brand of punkish mayhem. (KR) 
---Metro Santa Cruz Dec 24-31, 1997




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