Hayride to Hell... and back

© 2004 Hayride to Hell

Death Dealer

A dagger to the skull is a hole in the head
A bullet to the chest is a broken heart
Either way you're much better off dead
A machine breathing vegetable is not a new start

Is this a nightmare or is it real
You're gamblin' with your life and I'm ready to deal
A dead man's hand is Aces and Eights
It's what you'll get to seal your fate

Torture pain and suffering will start your demise
Blood flows in the alley as a hideous sign
A smile from ear to ear is your surprise
After the mutation your breathing will resign

It's not against you it's just something that's wanted
Either cash or a good 'ol fashioned soul
And because of this you're invited to this slaughter
Taking your life is really the ultimate goal
Demon Seed

Fires burn bright at night
Way down below, no place to go
Evil thoughts go through my brain
Down below,I'm insane

You can't run, you can't hide
From the evil deep inside
You can't run, you can't hide
From the evil deep inside

The iron gate that hold you in
The house of sin is where to begin
demon voices fill the air
Listen close and kill within

The good gone bad, evil reigns
No going back, I'm here to stay
Kill for pleasure, rape for lust
Demon seed, the devil's dust

I built this son of a bitch to be one of a kind
With 96 inches, I love that 'ol Panhead of mine
It's got no shocks and shakes the shit right out of me
But when I hang on and twist the wick, a blur is all I see

That Panhead of mine

It's had a few incarnations but I've settled on the perfect ride
It's a rigid frame with a 4" over stripped down wide glide
With a king Sporty tank, flat fender and a cobra seat
And enough horsepower to lay rubber all over the street

Just like any bike I've ever built, it's painted black
And runs wide open drag pipes straight out the back
It's won some awards at the annual Panhead run
Even kickstarting the bitch can sometimes be lots of fun
Serving Mankind

They say that meat is murder so I guess love to kill
There is nothing better than an animal sizzling on my grill
Venison, pork, beef or fowl, all of it works for me
So you can eat your tofu salad and go hug a tree

Humans...the other, other white meat

Now, eating humans isn't usually my thing
But filling my freezer makes me feel like a king
I just get tired of the Sierra Club and vegan's debate
So I'm willing to try something new on my plate

The Donner party really got it right
Something new on a Saturday night
Skinny ones, fat ones and even little runts
Any kind of animal is what I'll hunt

One shady character stalking in the night
Cold clean flesh bathing in moonlight
It starts to rain but it's not raindrops
Only blood and lust and evil thoughts

Lustmord, murder for lust
Lustmord, kill for pleasure
Lustmord, homicide or bust

A cold and lonely creature in a forbidden place
A cloak of darkness used to shade the face
Quietly looking through empty blood red eyes
They're not taking him back, a blade is their surprise
Killun' Y'all

You talk shit about my country 'cause you're jelous about the life we live
Foreign aid and humanity, it doesn't matter how much we give
I'm just sick of your propaganda, lies and your fucked up world views
It's time we erased your pathetic land and I'm starting with you

Killun' y'all, killun' y'all now. I'll kill you all, before we fall.

You sneak across our border to live the American way
Take advantage of our programs looking for handouts every day
This country provides a life that your homeland never, ever could
And you hate America just like you think every foreigner should

Try to fuck with our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines
So stay in your shitty country, don't even try to make the American scene
It's not only that you can't drive, but you're arrogant and rude too
Instead of waiting for a terrorist strike, it's best that I first kill you
Graveyard Romp

I can tell she wants it from her howl and her cry
I wanted her so bad, I thought I would die
There's a place we can go and get our fix
And the spectral pervies can get their kicks

I tear off the stockings from my undead squeeze
In the middle of a cemetary on bended knees
I'm drivin' in her backseat and aimin' to please
Graveyard Romp

I pull her drawers down her moonlit legs
Bend her over a tombstone and she begs
Let's show the dead what they're missing
Get on with it and skip the kissing
Sara Winch

She was a lost and lonely widow without a clue
Until a gypsy woman told her just what to do
By tarot cards, crystal ball and candle light
She told them to keep on building to make it right

She must of heard the sounding
Of the hammers pounding and pounding
Every night and every day
To keep the evil spirits away
Winchester Repeater
Indian Nation defeater
The gun that won the Wild Wild West
Now Sarah Winch can't get no rest

The town all sez she's crazy but she just doesn't care
With stairs to the ceiling and doors that go nowhere
A secret passageway that leads to another dimension
And never ending construction hand built with conviction

With rooms, doors and steps all by the number thirteen
The undead was still coming in her sleep and dreams
She thought as long as she can hear the workers everyday
The Native American evil spirits would stay away
Dyin’ for the Other Side

It draws you in with a menacing wave
Step on over for all things you crave
Never fear the other side
The presense of evil you can't hide

Give up salvation for a life of sin
Sittin' behind the wheel with a gun and a grin
Drinkin' to excess on a wild ride
Too fast around the turn Devil's Slide
Dyin' for the other side

Caught in the middle of good gone bad
No time to think, goin' mad
Feelin' the grip of the hooded man
The sickle falls from his evil hand

Fallin' fast for the evil ways
Too far gone, all I see is a haze
Fire and smoke rings fill the air
Down with the devil in his dark lair
The Thirst

I got bats in my belfry and monkeys in my tree
A pit full o' gators and a howlin' banshee
And I can set him loose with a twist of the cap
cuz, when I'm in that bootle, there's no turning back

Stuck with a curse 'till they put me in a hearse
Feedin' the need, tryin' to quench that thirst

I'm sworn to fun and loyal to none
Unlucky to some, the percentage of one
Unnoticed by most, a mild manneered man
But then transformation with a bottle at hand

I bring on the hellfire, wicked as they come
My kind ain't ain't wanted, yet I'm still on the run
The law may be quick, yet I'm quicker
I can fly a rocket ship filled fulla' liquor
Psychobilly Outlaw

I've been arrested for drunk in public on the same corner three fuckin' times
Been on 3 day drinking binges and completely lost my mind

I'm a Psychobilly Outlaw
I'm one of a kind
They broke the mold with me
I'm a legend in my own mind

I waved my .44 in Denver and drank the town straight out of booze
Hunted the High Sierras on a week long horseback whiskey cruise

I took my only trip to New York City in the trunk of a car
And hung a B.A. at a Jewish wedding in the New Jersey sports Rumble bar

Hayride to Hell...and back

They say that we were through
but the fight carries on
We're evil princes in an army of darkness
that fights through our song
Never relent and never surrender
we will never give in
With psychotic rhythms
howling from within

Hayride to Hell...and back